Carbon fiber/copper wire heating fabrics for room/auto cushion
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Carbon fiber/copper wire  heating fabrics for room/auto cushion
1) Materials: Carbon fiber filaments tow/copper fine wire/polyester filaments by special weaving.

2) Solve the product defect which exists in old products. Have good stability(resistance, variation:0.1%-1%), flatness(same as the common fabrics), stretching resistance(some times higher than non-woven fabrics), very safety(contact resistance is close to zero, don't sparking during heating).

3) Voltage: safety voltage: 3.7V ,5V,12V、24V、36V;   For civil use: 110V、220V.

4) This far infrared Electrically heating fabrics is mainly used for Electrically heated gloves, Electrically heated shoes, Electrically heated garments, Electrically heated mouse pad, Electrically heated auto pillow, sofa pillow, electric blanket. Is more suitabe for heating the big area.

5) As it choose multi-circuit than traditional electric blanket, the working life is longer than conventional electric blanket.

6) Higher Electro-thermal conversion rate, 30% higher than metal wire.99.9% heat efficiency higher than metal wire.

7) Carbon fiber filaments tow could release far infrared(wave length: 5-20um), it is good for body. Have not electromagnetic wave radiation.

8) Because the carbon fiber has higher strength than metal fiber, it is not easy to be broken during using. Have not electric arc, could avoid fire hazard.
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