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Yestar Tech Group Limited always insist on doing one thing,using technology to creat the new product, and using the product to improve the quality of life .

We mainly supply these products below:
[1].Powder and particle series
       Silver plated solid glass microsphere(Shielding paint)
       Silver plated nickel flake(or particle)
       Milled(or chopped) carbon fiber
       Carbon nano tube(SW/MW)
       Carbon conductive particle

[2].Conductive fiber series
      Carbon inside conductive nylon/polyester filament 20D/1F,20D/3F,40D/1F, 55D/1F,180D/1F
      Copper plated conductive acrylic filaments 75D, 150D
      Silver plated conductive nylon filament
      Silver plated conductive nylon stable fiber

[3].Special Fiber
      Carbon fiber filaments tow(Polyacrylonitrile)
      Aramid(meta/para) fiber
      UHMWPE fiber
      S-glass fiber
      PTFE fiber
      PPS fiber
      PBO fiber
      Polyimide fiber
      Heat-melt fiber(bonding)
      Ceramic fiber
      Basalt fiber
      Optical fiber

[4].Pure metal fiber series
     Stainless steel staple fiber TOPS(sliver)
     Stainless steel filaments twist thread
     Stainless steel fine wire
     Colorful metal(stainless steel/copper/Al) fine wire

[5].Functional fiber
      Moisture absorption and quick-dry fiber
      Hollow fiber
      Fire resistant fiber
      Anti bacterial fiber
      Super absorbent fiber
      PVA water soluble fiber
      Phase Change fiber
      Luminescent fibre
      Reflect light fiber
      Chameleon fiber


In the field of technical textiles , in order to provide more professional and better products,we established a branch company --- Xing Tech Company Limited , dedicated to develop,produce, sale the raw material of functional textile,inteligent textile and industrial textile.

[1].Yarn series
       Touch screen gloves yarn(IPhone gloves)
       Shielding electromagnetic wave radiation yarn
       Conductive yarn
       Anti static yarn
       Tinsel wire yarn(fencing clothes).
       Quick-dry yarn
       Fire resistant yarn.
       Anti bacterial yarn.
       Keep warm yarn.
       Air-condition yarn.
       PVA water soluble yarn.
       Low melting point yarn.
       Tourmaline yarn
       Far-infrared yarn.
       UV-cut yarn
       Pure stainless steel staple fiber spun yarn(high-temperature resistant).

[2].Fabrics series
      Pure stainless steel fiber spun weaving fabrics/knitting fabrics/felt
      Pure Fe-Cr-Al(iron-chromium-aluminum) fiber fabric
      Silver plated(thermoprint)/copper-nickel plated knitting/weaving fabrics. (Maternity dress)
      Carbon fiber filaments tow weaving fabrics(plain, twill)
      Aramid fabrics.
      Optical fiber fabrics(decoration)
      Radiation protection fabric (Work clothes, maternity clothes)

[3].Tape&Sleeve Series
       Pure stainless steel fiber spun woven tape/sleeve
       Silver plated conductive velcro(hook and loop)

[4].Rope Series
      Conductive thread/rope
      Carbon(Polyacrylonitrile) fiber filaments tow rope
      High strength(UHMWPE/nylon/aramid, etc) rope

"Quality first,credit highest" is our business principles . "Continuous innovation , creating suprised products" is our responsibility .
      Looking forward to cooperating with you , mutual benefit and win-win !

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